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Stanley London® Solid Brass
Sextant Key Chain
Solid Brass Sextant Key Chains Available with "Stanley London" engraving or plain.
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Front View
Front View
Left View
Left View
Right View
Right View
Plain with No Engraving
Plain with
No Engraving
Optional Red Velvet Pouch
Optional Red
Velvet Pouch
Optional Black Velvet Pouch
Optional Black
Velvet Pouch
Solid Brass Sextant Key Chain only $18.50
This fully functional tiny brass sextant features a moveable index arm and a relatively accurate scale, given its small size.  It also has a half-silvered horizon mirror and a fully-silvered index mirror.  The one-power telescope has a plain glass objective lens that can be pointed toward the horizon mirror for use, or it can swivel to be compactly folded up when not in use.  The horizon mirror is adjustable via a small brass screw on the rear of the sextant, and the optics can be aligned so the sextant will yield a rough angle between two objects.
This Stanley London® sextant key chain designed by Eric Newman is the perfect gift for the nautical person in your life and makes a great conversation piece, and an excellent tool for learning the basic operation of a nautical sextant.  The sextant is crafted from solid brass, highly polished, and measures 2 inches (5.1 cm) tall, 1 7/8 inches (4.8 cm) wide, and 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) deep.  The sextant's radius is 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) and the sextant and key chain weigh 1.6 ounces (45 grams).
The sextant key chain is available both engraved "Stanley London" on its index arm or plain with no engraving.  The plain version can be custom engraved on the index arm (as the key chain in small, only two words of text in Arial font is recommended).  The key chain can be easily removed and makes a great holiday ornament or promotional item.  Quantity pricing is available for corporate orders.  This sextant is also available mounted on a solid walnut award plaqueTake a look at our other brass nautical key chains.
The Solid Brass Sextant Key Chain sells for only $18.50.  An optional red or black velvet draw string bag is available for an additional $1.50.

Plain Solid Brass Sextant Key Chain
Plain Solid Brass Sextant Key Chain
Status Quantity

Stanley London Brass Sextant Key Chain
Stanley London Brass Sextant Key Chain
Status Quantity

Draw String Velvet Pouches
Draw String Velvet Pouches
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The Antique Sextant's Solid Brass Sextants
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Stanley London Solid Brass Sextants
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