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Stanley London® 14-inch Solid
Brass Spyglass Telescope $35.95
Optional Storage and Display Box $18.95

14 inch Spyglass Telescope
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14-inch Telescope Collapsed
Telescope Collapsed
Detail of Engraving
Detail of Engraving
14-inch Telescope and Case
14-inch Telescope
and Case
14-inch Telescope in Hardwood Case
14-inch Telescope
in Hardwood Case
14-inch<br>Telescope Case
Telescope Case
Detail of Hardwood Splines
Detail of
Hardwood Splines
14-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope $35.95
Optional Storage and Display Box $18.95
The Stanley London® 14-inch Telescope is 10-power and has a diameter of 1 5/8-inch (4 cm).  Like all of our brass telescopes, the 14-inch Telescope produces a clear and upright image.  The telescope has a 26 mm diameter objective lens and features four brass pipes that measure 13 7/8 in. (35 cm) when extended, and 5 5/8-inch (14 cm) long when collapsed. 
An optional, beautiful felt-lined brass-inlaid hardwood case is available for the 14-inch Telescope.  The box measures 6 3/8 inches (16.2 cm) by 2 1/2 inches (6.3 cm) and is 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) tall.  The telescope weighs 12.1 ounces (343 grams) and the hardwood case weighs 9 ounces (255 grams).  We offer Custom engraving directly on the telescope either near the eyepiece or on the largest outer tube, or Custom engraved brass plaques can be mounted on the top, front, or inside lid of the optional hardwood case.  Due to the large width of the engravable area, we suggest engraving full names rather than monograms or initials.  The largest brass tube of the telescope is typically engraved, and 1 - 2 lines of text with a maximum of 6 words per line can be engraved.  The oval brass inlay on the top of the hardwood case cannot be engraved, but with a minimum purchase of 100 pieces, custom inlays are available.
The 14-inch Telescope sells for $35.95, and the optional hardwood storage and display case is an additional $18.95. 
We also have two models of 13.5-inch Modern High-Powered Solid Brass Spyglass Telescopes which fit in the same hardwood case, and a larger 16-inch Solid Brass Telescope with leather case.

14-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope
14-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope
Status Quantity

Hardwood Case for 14-inch Telescope
Hardwood Case for 14-inch Telescope
Status Quantity

Antique Sextant antique reproduction brass spyglass, handheld telescopes, harbormaster telescopes
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Handheld Telescopes:

3-inch Telescope on a Key Chain
Brass Telescope
Key Chain
2 Power
Small Brass Handheld Pirate Spyglass Telescopes with Box
7-inch Handheld Brass
Spyglass Telescopes
3 Power
9.5 inch Pocket telescope
9.5-inch Brass
Pocket Telescope
12 Power
Modern Telescopes
Modern Brass
25-30 Power
13-inch Brass Spyglass Telescope
13-inch Brass
25 Power
14-inch Telescope
14-inch Brass
10 Power
16-inch Telescope with Leather Case
16-inch Brass
12 Power
Brass 18 inch Telescopes
18-inch Brass
12 Power
29-inch Premium Brass Telescope
29-inch Premium
Brass Telescope
27 Power
35-inch Telescopes
35-inch Brass
20 Power

Desk & Floor Standing Brass Telescopes with Tripods:

Premium Brass Telescope on Turned Hardwood Stand
Premium Brass and
Wood Telescope
20 Power
10-inch Brass Victorian Desk Telescope
10-inch Victorian
Brass Desk Telescope
8 Power
19-inch Desk Telescopes
19-inch Brass
Desk Telescopes
18 Power
30-inch Telescope
30-inch Brass
24 Power
44-inch Harbormaster Telescopes on Tripods
44-inch Brass
32 Power
44-inch Premium Harbormaster Telescopes on Tripods
44-inch Premium
Brass Telescopes
32 Power
55-inch Harbormaster Telescope on Tripod
55-inch Premium
Brass Telescope
32 Power

Binoculars & Magnifiers:

Chrome Binoculars
Small Chrome
Opera Glasses with Built-in LED Light
Opera Glasses
with LED Light
Small Binoculars
Small Brass
Survival Binoculars with Compass and Signal Mirror
Survival Binoculars
w/ Compass & Mirror
Large 5-Leg Desk Magnifier
Large 5-Leg
Desk Magnifier
Large Brass Magnifying Glass With Hardwood Case
Brass Magnifier
with Hardwood Case
Large Brass Magnifying Glass With Wooden Handle
Brass Magnifier
with Wood Handle
Handheld Antique Brass Magnifying Glass
Handheld Antique
Brass Magnifier
Brass Stand Magnifier
Brass Stand
Folding Brass Stand Magnifier
Folding Stand
Photo Stand Magnifier
Photo Stand
Chrome Plated Folding Magnifier
Chrome Plated
Folding Magnifier
Antique Patina Desk Compass with Swivel Magnifier
Antique Desk Compass
with Swivel Magnifier
Folding Pocket Magnifiers and Eye Loupes
Folding Pocket
3-Leg Desk Magnifiers
3-Leg Desk
Modern Style Microscope
Modern Style

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